Conferencies Summaries

Conference Summary of the international ESLD session during the Paris Laser Days organized by the Laser Group of the SFD in Paris on June 9 and 10
by Dr A. LE PILLOUER-PROST, Vice-President of the French Laser Group and ESLD Treasurer
on 2017-06-15
  1. Mélasma (Mukta Sachdev, Bengaluru, India)
  2. Combined strategies using fractionated laser and QS laser to treat nevus of Ota (Leonardo Marini, Trieste, Italy)
  3. Management of Solar Lentigo (Anne LE PILLOUERPROST, Marseille and Hugues CARTIER, Arras, France)
  4. Lasers in the treatment of nevi and other dermal pigmented lesions (JM Mazer)
  5. Hydrosurgery in the treatment of large congenital melanocytic nevi (N Kadlub, Necker Enfant Malades Hospital)

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