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Study reveals crazy quilt of laser laws across the United States
From Dermatology News
on 2017-05-07

We are all aware that laser regulation varies among countries. However, a recent research report shows the significant differences within one country itself - the United States of America. In the state of New Jersey, only physicians can perform laser interventions, whereas in states like Massachusetts, literally everyone can use a laser. Furthermore, this report does not mention newer techniques like cryolipolysis or focused ultrasound which are rather new on the market and hence completely unregulated. An obvious danger for our patients in most of the countries.

SAN DIEGO – Laser hair removal isn’t typically in an office cleaner’s job description. So it’s no wonder that Virginia legislators were spooked when they heard from a constituent who was treated by a spa worker who turned out to be a janitor.

Earlier this year, legislators in the Old Dominion passed a bill limiting laser hair removal procedures to a “properly trained” medical doctor, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner – or a “properly trained” person who is supervised by one of these professionals. Therefore, it’s still possible for a “properly trained” person without a degree of any kind to operate a laser in Virginia.

To the north in New Jersey, the rules are much stricter: Only physicians can perform laser procedures. But in New York, it appears that anyone can fire up a laser and go to work on unwanted hair. And in Florida, nonphysicians can perform laser procedures only if they’re physician assistants or nurse practitioners. But they’re only allowed to remove hair with lasers at a clinic that just performs laser hair removal.

Such is the chaotic state of laser law in the United States, a new study finds. The rules, which vary widely from state to state, are often vague and confusing. And, as Virginia’s new law shows, they’re still evolving. (The study is current as of March 2016.) ... 

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